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Elegant innovative glass and recycled glass countertops, wall cladding, tiles, stair tread & more for home or commercial needs. 


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Glass Slabs & Cut to Size Glass

Our recycled glass is fused and consists of 99% recycled glass; it is Green Guard certified and qualifies for Leed Points. We ship full slabs or can do your fabrication for you & deliver custom cut-to-size pieces right to your door.  Slabs come in two sizes :  A) 1200mm x 1200mm (47 1/4" x 47 1/4") or B) 1400mm x 3000mm (55 1/8" x 118 1/8").   Standard glass thickness is 20mm or 30mm with options grind down thinner or laminate edges to make them thicker or the entire back side using CG(Clear Glass)  or CTG(Clear Tempered Glass).

White Crystal Glass Island with Sink

Downstream Glass comes in a host of colors.

Our recycled glass comes in 7 single colors as seen in our gallery tab: Azurite(Grey), Aquamarine(Turquoise), Chiffon(White), Chorus(Brown), Jade(Dark Green), Ocean(Blue), & Seafoam(Light Green).  

Our fused glass also comes in 5 mixed color blends that can be seen in our gallery tab as well:  Antarctica(Grey/White), Caramel(Brown/White), Harmony(Brown/Grey), Sky(Blue/White), & Snowflake(Clear/White.


FLASH GLASS micro crystalized (nano) glass is space-shuttle strong.  Offered in white, it's perfect for heat resistant needs. Our 2 slab sizes are 1400mm x 2800mm and 1600mm x 3000mm and we offer cut-to-size options as well as many tile sizes and thicknesses upon request.


Fabrication & Installation Instructions

For your convenience Downstream Glass provides detailed installation and fabrication instructions and material certification information.  These will be added to the website soon; until then call 678 858 9245 or email and we will be glad to share the details with you for fabrication, installation, as well as Green Guard Certificate Specification sheets.

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